Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Request for Mort Stories and Mort Comments from Mort's Family

We are also trying to collect as many Mort Stories and Mort Comments (the more outrageous the better- my personal favorite is "Abraham Lincoln, the greatest mass murderer this country has ever known") as we can, and request that they be sent to this email by anyone willing to repeat them.

thank you so much,
Jane Wood ( Morton Goulder's daughter)

Send the stories here: megoulder@suscom-maine.net

Monday, February 11, 2008

Home Health & Hospice pays tribute to Goulder

New Hampshire lost a one-of-a-kind original last week with the death of Mort Goulder. He was a man of indomitable energy and curiosity who was versed on innumerable topics.

Mort was not a man of subtlety, nor in my experience did he waste time on nuance. He was direct in his communication and could be relied upon to share an outspoken opinion based upon his perception of the issue.

In the late 1990s, Mort was an important supporter of the capital campaign that built the Community Hospice House. He took this position because he believed in the mission of the organization to provide care to individuals at the end of life regardless of their ability to pay.

While he supported the mission, however, he expected the Hospice House to generate sufficient income to deliver extraordinary value to the community without bankrupting its parent organization, Home Health & Hospice Care.

Mort served two terms as a trustee of the Community Hospice House Foundation, using his considerable influence to chart the future direction of the House.

Mort was extremely generous to organizations whose missions resonated with his personal value system. He believed that all organizations should be well-managed and dedicated to the elimination of any waste that might hinder the delivery of services in a safe and timely fashion.

In health care, that philosophy translated to advocating for quality care in the home and Hospice House. He remained "on message" during his final hospital stay, challenging staff while planning the next stage of his own recovery.

During one visit to his bedside, he informed me that he had experienced substantial physical setbacks and longed to return home. I told him that the minute he left the hospital, Home Health & Hospice would be there to assist him with his recovery. He beamed, winked at me, and said that he expected nothing less!

Home Health & Hospice Care and the Greater Nashua community is a better place for having known Mort Goulder, and his boundless enthusiasm for life will be missed.

Dr. Karen Baranowski
Home Health & Hospice Care

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Contributions in Mort's Memory...

The Nashua Telegraph obit mentioned that contributions in Mort's memory could be made to two local charities. Their addresses are:

Home Health & Hospice Care
22 Prospect Street
Nashua, NH 03060

Harbor Homes
45 High Street
Nashua, NH 03060

I know Mort was active in both.

George Schwenk

Mort Never Gave Up On Us...

I am writing on behalf of all of us working in a small company now located in Utah. This company is called Process Packaging & Control. It is one of the companies Mort was intimately involved with during the late 1990’s. Mort was a huge help as a friend, adviser, investor, and mentor. We still are alive and ticking and broke the million dollar in revenue mark this year despite some tough sledding over the years. Mort never gave up on us and we won’t keep trying for him. I thank you all for sharing your stories and appreciate the anecdotal information you shared.

RIP – Mort!

Thank you.

Tim Petracca
President and CEO
PPC, Inc.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Mort was a Role Model for Me as the Classic Entrepreneur...

I did not know Mort well but he was a role model for me as the classic entrepreneur who, rather than start a company, wants to start them all. Gene put together this little icon and I was wondering if we (or perhaps one of you) could post to this as part of a tribute to Mort?

Jim Daniell
CEO - EdNets

Mort will live on as a Touchstone for Entrepreneurship...

Mort’s influence has been with me my entire 25 years of being an entrepreneur. True story. When I was 25 I married another 25 year old engineer (Larry Genovesi) and we went off to Martha’s Vineyard for our honeymoon. During the early part of the sojourn, my brand new husband broke this news to me “Honey I have been meeting with a friend Jim Kendall and we are going to start a new computer company as soon as we return to Boston”. I got a fast induction into the land of starting and building companies. The company Larry and Jim actually sketched out never got off the ground and a few years later together Larry and I started what became Network Engines.

We met George Schwenk very early on in the development of Network Engines, it was so early that the company was called PowerStation Technologies. George provided some help with our “shoe box” accounting and “young” financial projections and peppered us with the hope of someday meeting Mort.

For 20 years I heard about Mort Goulder and his friends known as the Breakfast Club. In 2005 I had the opportunity to meet him in person on but two separate occasions. He was so the words that people like Frank and George used to describe him. There was an “alive” quality about him and you felt it the moment you were in his sphere. Few people have that “twinkle” as many of the fellow bloggers have mentioned. Even though he never invested in any of my companies to date, I still felt the support to stay on the entrepreneurial path because knowing that there were people like Mort gave me the assurance that this was a good road to be on.

Mort was and will live on as a touchstone for anyone who adventures into the land of entrepreneurship. I am grateful for having been connected.

Cheryl Smith
Heritage Network
Bringing Museums Alive!

Monday, January 28, 2008

Mort Truly Fought the Good Fight...

Mort was an early investor in Bitstream, where I served as Secretary and General Counsel for the 1993-1996 period. Mort held observation rights and, as such, served as the original model to me for Board Observer.

He attended every quarterly meeting and, on a small board fraught with intense personalities, made his genial, unassuming presence felt more at the subconscious level than otherwise.

With Mort at our side, Bitstream went from period a big losses to IPO. Mort truly "fought the good fight."

William F. Swiggart
Swiggart & Agin, LLC