Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Mort will live on as a Touchstone for Entrepreneurship...

Mort’s influence has been with me my entire 25 years of being an entrepreneur. True story. When I was 25 I married another 25 year old engineer (Larry Genovesi) and we went off to Martha’s Vineyard for our honeymoon. During the early part of the sojourn, my brand new husband broke this news to me “Honey I have been meeting with a friend Jim Kendall and we are going to start a new computer company as soon as we return to Boston”. I got a fast induction into the land of starting and building companies. The company Larry and Jim actually sketched out never got off the ground and a few years later together Larry and I started what became Network Engines.

We met George Schwenk very early on in the development of Network Engines, it was so early that the company was called PowerStation Technologies. George provided some help with our “shoe box” accounting and “young” financial projections and peppered us with the hope of someday meeting Mort.

For 20 years I heard about Mort Goulder and his friends known as the Breakfast Club. In 2005 I had the opportunity to meet him in person on but two separate occasions. He was so the words that people like Frank and George used to describe him. There was an “alive” quality about him and you felt it the moment you were in his sphere. Few people have that “twinkle” as many of the fellow bloggers have mentioned. Even though he never invested in any of my companies to date, I still felt the support to stay on the entrepreneurial path because knowing that there were people like Mort gave me the assurance that this was a good road to be on.

Mort was and will live on as a touchstone for anyone who adventures into the land of entrepreneurship. I am grateful for having been connected.

Cheryl Smith
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