Sunday, January 27, 2008

A great influence on me over the last 20 years...

I've spent the last two hours reflecting on what a great influence Mort has had on me over the last 20 years, since he and I separately invested in Innovative Telecom at the behest of another beloved departed Brantz Mayor. I had a lock on ITC"s equity to avoid cram downs by virtue of a loan that I made during a critical time. It was holding up subsequent financing. Mort and I met for the first time then, and he convinced me that my lock was not the way venture capital was done. By the strength of his caring to explain it to me, I gave up the lock and subsequent financing through Frank Alex, then at Zero Stage was put in place.

That was the start of innumerable breakfasts invitations and investments. Arthur Fox's words in memory are truly heart felt, insightful, and inspirational.

Taylor Soper

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bjanewd said...

Mort's birth year was 2001, not 2002 HE WOULD BE OUTRAGED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
thanks for the correction. His daughter,Jane Wood