Sunday, January 27, 2008

Mort was an inspiration to all of us....

His joy while talking to an entrepreneur was visible and if the entrepreneurs could display intelligence and innovation those of us around the table could see the ideas bounce back and forth. Sometimes sparks would fly. It was extremely exciting.

When I meet him I knew -- this is who I want to emulate.

His advice to these folks as they faced the ups and downs of growing a business was practical, encouraging and down to earth. I think of him as helping the team uncover the truths for that specific set of problem. He was a natural truth seeker.

He was an intellectual adventurer and a torch bearer for all of us the believe entrepreneurship will unleash new approaches – driving commerce, providing jobs and solving one-by-one problems facing human kind. The fearlessness of his style of early stage investing was inspiring. I believe that he was the Johnny Appleseed of enterpernership in New England putting out seeds that created and inspired all parts of the ecosystem - innovators and investors. The fruits will show up for decades.
He was generous in all senses of the word.

I was privileged to know him and be his friend.

Jean Hammond

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